Need a Marketing Executive? Consider a Fractional CMO

Your daily workload is filled with operational oversight, assorted meetings, and, well, running your company. As companies grow, it’s crucial to expand staff roles so that business objectives and marketing strategy don’t get lost under a mountain of urgent projects.

But what if you’re not ready for a full-time salaried CMO?

Enter the Fractional CMO

• An experienced marketing executive contracted to provide expert insight, strategy, guidance, and team leadership—who is not on your payroll
• An excellent resource during start-up, growth, or transition
• An outside perspective invested in your success but seeing your company and market from a fresh viewpoint
• An up-to-date practitioner knowledgeable about current trends, forecasts, and the ever-changing nature of corporate communication
• An independent voice who can recommend a customized suite of resources (such as software, agencies, and third-party suppliers), rather than the usual cookie-cutter approach

Ask yourself:

• Is the person in charge of marketing at your company in a dedicated role or multitasking?
• If the marketing director/executive is in a dedicated role, would an outside perspective help you stay more competitive in your industry?
• Who, in-house, is monitoring your agency(ies), developer(s), or other third-party suppliers? Can you anticipate their answer to your question, “What have you done for me lately”?
• Do you also know not only what your in-house staff and third-party suppliers are doing on behalf of your marketing, but also the ROI? Are you capitalizing on the data?
• Do you have eager and capable staff who need leadership and training to get up to speed to reduce or eliminate outsourcing?

Do I Need a Marketing Executive or a Fractional CMO?

Business starts when an idea meets customer needs and can be monetized. But “making things” doesn’t guarantee customers, so the pivotal next step is communication. In the early stages of your business, you can maybe manage that on your own (or with your start-up team), but eventually, a dedicated marketing executive is necessary. But there’s no need to wait until your company can bring in a full-time employee. A fractional CMO can offer you the professional quality you need at a contract you can afford—and can even be an asset to your existing C-suite marketing executive.

Elevate Your Marketing C-Suite on Your Terms

Brian H Lewis brings the critical experience and passion needed to elevate your corporate marketing without adding in-house staff to your payroll. A fractional CMO contract with BH Lewis Digital Consulting gives you the freedom to define your term, scope, and extent of service to meet your needs and take your company in a profitable direction.

Services include:

• Market and buyer analysis
• Content strategy
• Competitive analysis
• Team development
• Data and ROI analysis
• Third-party recommendation, vetting, and oversight
• Executive input

Don’t let your marketing—and business growth—expansion be limited by your current resources.

Contact BH Lewis Digital Consulting to add an experienced, qualified executive-level fractional CMO to your company’s resources, and gain an edge in your industry!