A Clear Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

will keep you from trying to compare oranges from one bid with apples from another.

 Digital Marketing Strategy


The Problem…

Have you had a problem with digital agency’s or SEO companies? Most likely, it was because you did not have a solid digital marketing strategy or, if you did have a digital marketing strategy, you were unable to clearly convey the digital marketing plan. Problems also come from picking an agency or development companies whose strengths don’t match your needs. Also, agencies and web developers submit proposals that match their capabilities, not necessarily what you need.


The Fix…

The solution is creating a clear, comprehensive digital marketing strategy that incorporates your current business plan. The plan should also match your business’s current sales process. Once you have a written digital strategy and plan, you’ll be able to execute your plan in-house or put it out to bid.


Manufacturers submit technical specifications to ensure they get the product that fits their needs when going out to bid. A digital marketing strategy is no different. Specify exactly what you want and need in your plan.

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Apples and Oranges

When getting proposals from digital marketers or web developers.  Having a clear, comprehensive digital marketing strategy will keep you from trying to compare oranges from one bid with apples from another. This plan will also let you measure the success or shortfalls of your agency. You must have clear goals and KPI’s.

If you are creating a new site and want apples to apples proposals, you will need an explicit written spec.

Communicating in the same technical language as these specialists can also be a problem even if you have a clear strategy. Asking for something the wrong way can be lead to expensive project overruns.

Don’t have time to manage all of this? Try outsourcing a fractional CMO.