What distinguishes Brian H Lewis 


Since 1997, Brian H Lewis has worked with marketing executives to help them achieve their online business goals.

Brian enjoys working with marketing executives and helping them achieve their online business goals. The excitement of developing and being part of the success is very self-gratifying. Watching ideas turn in to reality.

Online marketing campaigns, inbound marketing campaigns.

 Brian H Lewis’s skills run the gamut of all digital technologies in many different market segments. He has built real-world processes and measurable marketing strategies that guarantee any organization a positive return on their investment. 

Brian Lewis

Brian H Lewis is a past member of the advisory board for the Interactive Marketing faculty for Northern Illinois University. He has appeared as an Internet marketing expert numerous times on major network television channels, including Fox, CBS, and CLTV. Brian has also been interviewed many times by the Chicago Tribune. Brian is considered an expert on the lecture circuit and seminars including The CEO Forum, NATD (National Association of Telephony Distributors), ERA (Electronic Resellers Association), The Small Business Expo, and others. The past few years, Brian has been a guest speaker at Aurora University’s InterActive Marketing courses. Brian is available for seminars and specialized training workshops.  Contact Brian for more information.

Founder of BH Lewis Digital Consulting,  PrairieWeb Internet Marketing Inc., Dog Collar Boutique, Huggable Teddy Bears, and The Kayakers, Inc.

The personal side

I love the outdoors and kayaking. Again I enjoy teaching and sharing the tranquility of being a part of nature in a kayak. In January 2012, I traveled down to Florida to get trained and certified by the ACA to be a kayak instructor. You may ask why Florida? Well, I lived in Chicago at the time, and it was January! Care to join me kayaking?.  

You can see some of my trip photos on The Kayakers website.

Speaking of photos, I have been shooting photography since I was in 6th grade. Everything from 35m, medium format, and 4×5. Now I am playing in the digital world of photography.