Every business likes to highlight its uniqueness in the marketplace, but when planning your marketing approach it’s important to also recognize the similarities. How you generate leads and customers is one of those important areas, because the marketing funnel is remarkably consistent among businesses with similar goals (such as leads or sales). At the top of that funnel is awareness, and guest blogging is a popular tactic for building that awareness. Guest blogging is writing fresh, original content to be published on another relevant website in order to get in front of and add value to their audience. Is guest blogging right for your business?

Build Brand Awareness

At the top of your marketing funnel, you’re aiming to reach prospective customers who’ve never heard of you—and sometimes have never heard of your industry. There are many helpful methods for building brand awareness, including display advertising and other paid outreach. But guest blogging is a powerful way to reach your prospects where they are already consuming content related to your industry, products, and services.

Attract a New Audience

When you provide valuable content in a guest blog post, you have an opportunity to not only make them aware of your products or services, but you also have the potential of attracting them to your own website and other internet properties so that they can become part of your own audience. High quality information that informs, educates, and encourages an audience motivates them to seek out more of the same, and build a relationship with you because you provide it.

Generate Leads and Sales

When prospects become aware of your products and services through a guest blog and recognize that you meet their need, that guest blog can be a source of generating leads and sales. Some prospects are already further along in their buying cycle, and all they need is to discover your content so that they can discover what you offer.

Build Trust

One or two guest blog posts can provide value, but consistently providing great content on your own website and other relevant sites builds trust among your readers (and those of your blog partners). But more than just impressing readers, the traffic, backlinks, shares, and content itself are signals to Google and other search engines of your content’s value and your authority in your industry. That can all add up to search engine results boosts for your own website as well as the content you publish on other sites.

Guest blogging can be a powerful resource for your business, but shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. Content must be original, valuable and high quality, and published on sites that are relevant and also high quality. We’d love to help you get started planning your content and blog partnerships, and even how to generate that content. Give us a call or contact us to schedule your consultation!

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