Long gone are the days where the Rolodex and custom stationery were your most frequently used office resources. Not only is communication primarily digital, but cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tools transform your database from a glorified address book to a powerful outreach tool.

How do you use your CRM? Are you integrating it with your digital marketing strategy, or are you only storing names and numbers so you don’t have to carry a briefcase of business cards?

A robust CRM should be a powerful tool supporting your digital marketing strategies, and these tips only scratch the surface with the valuable data you can work with.


When data is hard to come by, there’s no choice but to scatter your messaging far and wide, and get as much coverage as you can afford. But your CRM is an invaluable source of information about your customers and prospects, so you should be using it to create focused targeting of your most valuable customers and prospects—those that are the most profitable for your business.


There is no such thing as “one message fits all.” There is variety in your customers and prospects—not just in their demographics and interests, but in the stage of their relationship with you. Your CRM’s categorization of customers and segmenting based on buying cycle, lead status, and more, should be your guide in segmented messaging and advertising as well.


A decade or so ago, it was considered creepy to open up an ecommerce website and be greeted by name. Now, consumers are not only accustomed to it, but they expect personalized treatment. Bombarding customers and prospects with irrelevant messaging makes them ask, “Do they even care about me?” Even business-to-business is truly human-to-human, so customers are looking for information and offers that meet their unique needs and interests. If you’re properly curating that information in your CRM, you have a powerful tool to help make your customers feel as unique as they truly are.


Once you’ve gathered the data and built strategies around that information, don’t reinvent the wheel every time you need to launch a campaign. Funnel new customers and prospects into the right categories and segments right away and set up automated messages to start the conversation, keep it going, and nurture the relationships you’ve worked hard to build. With your CRM you’re not taking a shot in the dark to expand your business contacts. You’re growing and maintaining relationships that are mutually beneficial and can transform both your business and the lives and work of those you serve.

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